Culture of Canada

The Canadian culture is historically influenced by inventive, melodic, legendary, social and political fundamentals that are envoys of the Canada and its ... Read More

Canadian Malayalee Association (C.M.A)

The Canadian Malayalee Association (C.M.A) is a non- partisan, secular, non-political organization (Registered Number 1701711) for the Malayalees residing... Read More

Pacific Rim National Park

The Pacific Rim National Park is a national reserve in the British Columbia province of Canada.... Read More


The Galaxyland formerly called as the Fantasyland is the globe’s second biggest indoor amusement park. It is located in west Edmonton mall in the c... Read More

The Capilano Mall

The Capilano Mall is a renowned shopping center situated in the eastern part of Edmonton, the capital city of Alberta province. ... Read More

Language Proof essential for Immigrants requesting for Canadian citizenship

Immigrants requesting for Canadian citizenship should furnish written evidence about their language capabilities (English or French), Jason Kenney, Immigr... Read More

Visitors driving in Canada

If individual who have moved into Alberta recently may utilize their valid operator license obtained from outside of Alberta for the first three months af... Read More