Churchill, Manitoba

Churchill is a town situated on the Hudson Bay shores in the Manitoba province in Canada. The town is renowned for the numerous polar bears, which shift from the inland to the coast during the autumn season. This has made Churchill to earn the nicknamed as the “Polar Bear capital of the world”. It also has assisted in increasing the growth of tourism.

The town is situated at the confluence of three main biomes: boreal forest, marine and tundra, each one supporting a mixture of flora & fauna.

You will find the town being inhabited by more number of polar bears than people. From the specially designed customized buses known as tundra buggies, you can admire the beautiful polar bears. It is advisable that you visit Churchill during the month of October or early part of November as you can watch more number of polar bears. These animals remain on the enormous peninsula, till the water gets freeze on the Hudsonbay, so that they can go back to the main hunting source, the ringed seals.

Another main attraction of Churchill is the Beluga whales, which swim into the Churchill River Estuary’s internal water during the months of June, July and August.

The place is also a favorite destination of peculiar bird species. You can watch birds like the Tundra swan, Snowy Owl,, Gyrfalcon Parasitic Jaeger, American Golden Plover, Stilt Sandpiper, Smith's Longspur, and Harris's Sparrow, etc.

Accommodation in Churchill

Tundra Inn
34 Franklin Street Churchill, MB R0B 0E0, Canada
(800) 265-8563

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