Visa And Immigration
Language Proof essential for Immigrants requesting for Canadian citizenship
Immigrants requesting for Canadian citizenship should furnish written evidence about their language capabilities (English or French), Jason Kenney, Immigration minister specified in his speech.... Read More
Application procedure for your first Permanent Resident Card
Get an application kit... Read More
Photograph specifications for Temporary Resident Visa application
Your photo should be taken within the most recent 6 months. The photos should be identical and can be taken in color or B&W. ... Read More
The documents required for Canada temporary resident visa
Every candidate must furnish a completely filled temporary resident visa application form. If the candidate is below the age of 18 years, then he or she should fill the application form under the guid... Read More
Family Immigration to Canada
The permanent residents and the citizens in Canada, who are of 18 years and above 18 years of age can sponsor their close family relatives, who intend to immigrate to Canada.... Read More
Temporary and visitor visa, to enter into Canada
Unless a person is a permanent or citizen of Canada, all individuals need permission to enter into Canada as a tourist, with or without TRV (Temporary resident visa).... Read More