Tinker town family Fun Park

The Tinker town is a family entertainment parks that is situated in between the Fermor and the south premier highway in the Manitoba province of Canada. You can find more than 20 attractive rides, miniature golf, Water wars, to chill off.

Some popular kids rides in the park

Kiddie Swing

Your kids will enjoy this ride. Your excitement starts, once you are strapped to the ride and when it moves. The Kiddie Swing is sure to tempt to ride again and again.

Sky fighter

Just like the cartoon heroes, your kids will enjoy this ride with one hand on the steering wheel and another hand on the gun and zooming in the air.

Lady Bug

The little ones can ride on the fancy colorful bugs, which buzzes up and moves around. The kids are sure to have a colorful bug as their close friend.

Wet boat ride

The combination of kids together with the boats and the water gives enormous amount of enjoyment. For a rapid cruise, the kids can simply jump into their “outboard”.

The streamliner miniature train ride

You can travel in this train and journey through the different area of the parks.The train ride will take you through the 18 hole small golf course, you will travel into a tunnel, and cross a wind mill.

Some of the other well-liked rides area the Ferris wheel, Tilt-A-Whirl, Spin the Apple, Merry-Go-Round, etc.

Ticket fares

For Wrist Band the fees is $15.00

For Adult Wristband the fees is $10.50

For a Single Ticket, it is $2.00

For Five Tickets the amount is $9.00

For Ten Tickets the amount is $15.00


621 Murdock Road
Between Fermor, (Hwy #1), and the South Perimeter Hwy,
Winnipeg, Manitoba R2C 2Z3,
Ph. 204-257-8095.

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