Galaxy land, Edmonton

The former name of Galaxyland is Fantasyland. It is the second biggest indoor amusement park in the world located at West Edmonton Mall, Edmonton in the province of Alberta, Canada. The Galaxy land houses the Mindbender, the most famous and highest (14 storeys) indoor roller coaster. The entertainment also boasts of having the biggest tower ride in the world, the 12 storey Space shot.


This is the biggest triple loop roller coaster in the world. Once you climb into the ride, you should fasten your lap restraint and seat belts. The ride begins and you will be ascending the twisting wheel driven lift hill, then the train in which you travel will be descending a quick, twirling left hand drop (also called as Taver drop sometimes) which goes up to the first of the four piled block brakes. Then you will be negotiating a second left hand drop, and two vertical loops follows it immediately. The process is again repeated, but you will be travelling at a lesser height this time and the loop will be only a single one.
Once you finish the final loop, you will then shoot along an upward helix having two layers and then you will be back in the exit/entry spot.

After getting down from the ride, you will have a memorable experience of having travelled at a height of 145 ft with three drops and three inversions.

Some of the other rides in the park are the beginner rides like the Carousel, Moto jump, 35th Aero squadron, Kiddie jump, Balloon race, Galaxy land Raceway.

You can also ride the intermediate rides like the Cosmic spinner, Cosmic bounce, Autos led, Cosmic revolution,
In addition to the Mindbender, there are some additional advanced rides like the sonic twister, Swing of the century, Space shot, and Galaxy orbiter.

Visiting hours

From Monday to Saturday from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM,

On Sundays, the amusement park is opened from 11:00 AM to 07:00 PM

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