Ottawa Tamil Sangam

The Ottawa Tamil Sangam is a non-profit organization that strives for the welfare of the Tamil people residing in Canada, especially in the region of Ontario. The objective of the association is to support and spread the Tamil culture and language, thereby adding more and more members to it. The Ottawa Tami Sangam endeavors to encourage the ancient Tamil language, its arts and heritage. The association offers amicable environs and exposes the furture generation, i.e., the kids to the customs and traditions of the Tamil language.

The Ottawa Tamil Sangam is not connected to any political party or religion. The association believes strongly in maintaining harmonious and affable inter-faith connection. The sangam maintains fairness in all the events and occasion it organizes.


The Patron, Canada Tamil Sangam, Ottawa, Canada
65 Elvaston Avenue
Nepean, Ontario, K2G 3X6, Canada
Ph. 613 726 9291, Fax. 613 726 1466
[email protected]

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