Entertainment And Amusement Parks
The Galaxyland formerly called as the Fantasyland is the globe’s second biggest indoor amusement park. It is located in west Edmonton mall in the city of Edmonton in Canada’s Alberta pro... Read More
Magic Valley
The magic valley is a popular entertainment and amusement park situated on the Trans Canada Highway Exit 20 at a distance of 6 miles (9.5kilometers) to the west of New Glasgow. ... Read More
Atlantic playland
The Atlantic playland is a popular amusement park situated in the Canadian maritime province of Novascotia. It is one of the biggest family owned and managed entertainment parks.... Read More
Centreville Amusement Park, Toronto
It is a kid’s amusement park situated in the Middle Islands, which is a division of the Toronto Islands. ... Read More
Tinker town family Fun Park
The Tinker town is a family entertainment parks that is situated in between the Fermor and the south premier highway in the Manitoba province of Canada.... Read More
The Calaway Park, Alberta
The Calaway Park is a big ourdoor amusement and Entertainment Park located in the western part of Canada.The theme park is situated in Springbank in Alberta’s Rock view county. ... Read More
La Ronde
La Ronde is the biggest amusement park in city of Quebec and ranks as the second largest in the whole of Canada country.... Read More
The Canada’s wonderland is the most famous theme park in Canada. This park is popularly called as the wonderland.... Read More