Canadian Malayalee Association (C.M.A)

The Canadian Malayalee Association (C.M.A) is a non- partisan, secular, non-political organization (Registered Number 1701711) for the Malayalees residing in Kerala.

Some of the main goals of the CMA

To encourage the cultural and social integration of the keralites in Canada.

To promote and encourage the culture of South India in Canada.

To systematize the cultural programs and the cultural activities intended to encourage the interchange of culture and the excellence of life, at the sametime to preserve the Malayalee culture in Canada.

To encourage the Malayalam, the mother tongue language amid the younger lot of Malayalees in Canada.

To offer guidance and assistance to the poor and the needy.

To encourage education allowances but offering bursaries, scholarships, and prizes for the academic success.

To provide relief and assitance to those in grief, affected by disasters.

Any Malayalee residing in Canada are qualified to become a CMA member.


Canadian Malayalee Association

3662-Ellengale Dr, Mississauga, Ont., Canada, L5C 1Z7
For all enquires
Contact MATHEW JACOB @ 416 999 9522 / 905-816-0081
Email id: [email protected]

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