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For your safety

Abroad Indians Friends provides a fun and secure environment in which to meet new friends, and exchange information. It’s a great place to build great friendships online that translate into great relationships offline. But whether you are building that friendship online or meeting people offline, please exercise all due caution. Common sense is your best friend online and the following points must be kept in mind to ensure a healthy online experience.

Privacy Settings

Privacy settings on your My Account page can control who can send you an email and who can post on your wall. Please review these settings and update. Before accepting a friendship request review his/her profile and decide yourself. For your safety, please do not post your personal information on your profile and your wall like email, mobile, telephone and address information. Abroad Indians site is only for Indians Living in Abroad on the same time Abroad Indians cannot verify the person who is registering is an Indian.

Keep Your Identity Private

On Abroad Indians, your true identity is protected until you decide to reveal it. NEVER give out personal information until your cyber friend has earned your trust. That may take a long time. Please burn this point into your brain to prevent someone from misusing your personal information or details later on. Stop communicating with anyone who pressures you for personal information or attempts in any way to trick you into revealing it. Don’t disclose your main email address. Use a service that forwards your email to another account or set up another account for use on the site.

Request Photos

There are several reasons you will want to request photos and several reasons why you should submit them. First, photos give an idea of appearance. Second, different photos in different settings are pretty good verification (scammers are known to sometimes take a photo from another site to create a fake profile). Third, if you get excuses about viewing someones photos, consider they have something to hide. The reason why you should submit a photo is simply because people don't have time to look at profiles without them. We consider it fair play to request and submit several photos.

Keep it Real

Recognize that many, many people lie online. The person who says he's 23 and going to University may very well be a 55-year-old sexual predator. Or the man is a woman, or the woman is a man. The person you may think you know may not exist at all. So don’t get too carried away, keep a sense of perspective at all times.

Meet in a safe place

If you decide to arrange a face-to-face meeting, whether it is for friendship, language lessons, or to get to know each other better, there are important things to keep in mind. When you meet for the first time, meet with a group at a public place, such as a restaurant. Never meet a stranger alone. Make sure you have the person's name, address, and phone number before you meet. Confirm the information is real. Give your friends or family the information and tell them your plans.

Use the Phone

Don't wait too long before you talk on the phone. You'll learn a lot from each other's voices. Do not give out your telephone number if you are not comfortable and know enough about the person. Use a cell phone instead or if you must call, use local telephone facilities to prevent your number from appearing on somebody’s caller ID.

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