Places To Visit
Pacific Rim National Park
The Pacific Rim National Park is a national reserve in the British Columbia province of Canada.... Read More
Banff National Park
Banff National Park is the Canada’s oldest national park in Canada that was setup in the Rocky Mountains, way back in 1885, in the Rocky Mountain.... Read More
Churchill, Manitoba
Churchill is a town situated on the Hudson Bay shores in the Manitoba province in Canada. The town is renowned for the numerous polar bears, which shift from the inland to the coast during the autumn ... Read More
Galaxy land, Edmonton
The former name of Galaxyland is Fantasyland. It is the second biggest indoor amusement park in the world located at Edmonton in the province of Alberta, Canada.... Read More
Toronto zoo, a place to spend hours of fun and adventure.
The Toronto zoo is a very pleasant place, which encourages the visitors to shower respect admire and preserve the wild animals.... Read More
CN Tower, Toronto
Toronto is one of the most popular destinations in the world. The city boasts of a number of tourist attractions of which the CN tower is one of the most famous one.... Read More
The Stanley Park, Vancouver
Vancouver is the third populous metropolitan city in Canada. It is a wellknown tourist destination having a number of popular tourist spots. ... Read More
Montreal is a city located in the Quebec. It is second largest city in the country and the fourth biggest city in the whole of the North American continent. ... Read More
Quebec City
Quebec is a renown and second most populous city in Canada. The city is a prominent tourist destination among the foreigners visiting Canada... Read More
Ottawa is Canada’s capital city and is the second biggest city in the Ontario province. It is the fourth biggest city in the country.... Read More