Qatar Culture

In Qatar, the concept of arranged marriage is the most preferred ones. Normally preliminary enquires about the bride will be made by the bridegroomâ€�... Read More

Al-Khor International School (AKIS)

Al-Khor International School (AKIS) is a co-eductional & non-denominational institution in Qatar. It... Read More

Shanktiniketan Indian School (SIS)

Shanktiniketan Indian School (SIS) is a renowned Indian school in Qatar providing excelllence and value based education to the students. ... Read More

The Corniche

The Corniche Bay, Qatar is a 7-kilometre long stretch. The Qatar attraction runs along the coastline of Arabian Gulf. Corniche is a prefect place to walk,... Read More

Entertainment City

Packed with enthusiasm and a range of thrilling rides that are sure to send kids wild with joy, Entertainment City in Qatar presents the perfect destinati... Read More

Alkhor Mall

Newly Open Mall (ALKHOR MALL)... Read More

Profession Amendment

Employees who have changed jobs or career paths should apply to the Ministry of Labor to have the job titles on their ID cards amended.... Read More

Driving License Procedure

On your arrival to Qatar, you are permitted to drive in the country if you hold any valid driving license for 7 days only (which includes your day of arri... Read More