Qatar Culture

Family and marriage life

In Qatar, the concept of arranged marriage is the most preferred ones. Normally preliminary enquires about the bride will be made by the bridegroom’s mother and sisters. Then they will discuss with the Youngman (the bride groom) and then they will approach the potential bride’s family. The bride is given the chance to acknowledge or decline the proposal. Arranged marriages normally takes place between families that has identical backgrounds. It is also a common thing the various members of two lineages get married to each other .Marriage between a Qataris and other gulf Arabs is considered a normal one. On the other hand the governments strongly reject the marriage of Qataris with non gulf citizens. If Qataris still wants to marry non gulf citizens then he has get due official permission from the government and also should renounce the promise for government employment and additional gains.

Polygyny is regarded as a legal and religious one. Though it still remains a common thing among the ruling family, the figure of polygyny has dropped drastically during the recent years. Nowadays, Qatari woman divorce her husband, is her husband marries another woman. The necessary economical and educational support has given the present day Qatari women to stand on her feet. The increasing cost to maintain more than one household is another reason for the decline in polygyny rate.


The Qatar food provides a mixture of food to select from. The neighboring countries of Iran, Pakistan, India and Lebanon have greatly influences on the Qatari food. The conventional food in Qatar comprises of a broad range of sea foods such as tuna, lobster, shrimp, crab, red snapper, and kingfish dishes. Mutton and lamb served with the cow and goat’s milk from yogurt is the most popular conventional food. Nevertheless the Qatar people desire for heavy lunch consists of appetizers to begin with and then they will proceed to take fish stew or lamb, vegetables and salads. The Qatari people wind up their day by taking light snacks for dinner.

Some of the other delicacy comprises of tabbouleh, which is prepared from sliced parsley and humus prepared from the chick peas and sesame seeds. The citizens stringently adhere to the Halal meat, which is prepared as per the Muslim laws. The drinking of alcohol is confined only to the nightclubs and pubs.


Both the Qatar men and women wear dresses that fully cover the body from the head to toe in loose, non revealing fine clothes. The women additionally cover the face with veil. It is considered a mark of respect that woman wear loose fitting dress that covers their limbs.

Nowadays, the Qatari men even wear clothes that are short sleeved wearing shorts are not entertained. , no matter even if the weather is sultry outside.


In Qatar almost all the major games are given due to importance. However football is the most popular and widely played sport. The country hosted the Asian Football Confederation's 1988 AFC Asian Cup finals. Golf is another popular sport played in Qatar. Tennis is also a very famous game played in Qatar. A tennis tournamnet called the Qatar ExxonMobil open is held in the city of Doha. The Qatar total open is another tennis tournament that is held in Doha.

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