The Mall

The Mall is located on the ‘D-Ring” road facing the Al Ahli stadium. A five minutes drive from the Doha International Air Port will take you to your favorite mall. LOCATION MAP

Situated in the midst of lush greenery – well kept lawns, tastefully trimmed plants and the beautiful flowers – you are in doubt as to whether you should enter The Mall or walk around and enjoy its beauty.

Once you have decided to enter, access is not a problem at all. With 600 parking slots and seven entrances, access could never have been planned any better.

If you think that you need cash to make your purchases, then do not hesitate. There are six ATMs at convenient locations in The Mall. If you prefer to have full fledged banking services, you have the QNB branch working for you from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

The ambience in The Mall is so different. The Arcade (southern side) offers the feeling of English Shopping Arcade, The Boulevard (eastern side) French High Street, Mall Cineplex (western side) Restaurants offering casual and fine dining (northern side).

The tenant mix is something The Mall can really be proud of viz. Salam Studio & Stores, Merch, Highland, Mont Blanc, Mothercare, TagHeuer etc….

Isn’t it wonderful to know that the first shopping mall in Qatar still commands the maximum premium for its space amongst all shopping malls? There is a huge waiting list of potential tenants aspiring to be there in The Mall to share our growth.

Mall Hours:
Saturday - Thursday
10am - 10pm

4pm - 10pm

Thursday for family only

Shopping Complex
D-Rign Road
P.O. Box 22544

+974 467.8888

+974 467-8000

[email protected]


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