Visa And Immigration
Profession Amendment
Employees who have changed jobs or career paths should apply to the Ministry of Labor to have the job titles on their ID cards amended.... Read More
Apply for Family Visa
Foreign employees who wish to bring their families to live in Qatar or renew their residence visas are required to seek approval from the Ministry of Labor.... Read More
Visit Visas
People working in Qatar can sponsor family and relatives for a period of up to six months. (The initial stay is for one month, and this can be renewed up to a total of six months.) Wives and children ... Read More
Family Visit Visa
Families of sponsored residents may enter Qatar on a short-term Family Visit Visa. The visa is valid for one month. However, relatives who wish to stay beyond one month may undergo a physical examinat... Read More
Work Visas
Expatriates will normally enter on a single entry visa (employment visa) valid for one to three months. This will be arranged by the employer. Police clearance (“Certificate of good conductâ€... Read More
Business Visas
These are organized by Qatari Companies for nationals from the full list of countries below. They are valid for two weeks. They can be extended for two weeks at airport immigration although it may be ... Read More
Tourists Visa
Visa on arrival is available for the residents of 33 countries including Britain, America, Canada and Australia (see below for full list) at a cost of 100 riyals (currently equal to 27 dollars). A joi... Read More