Apply for Family Visa

Foreign employees who wish to bring their families to live in Qatar or renew their residence visas are required to seek approval from the Ministry of Labor.

Application Process

Follow these steps to apply for or renew a Family Visa:

  • Print and fill out form.
  • Attach to the application a letter from your employer outlining your position and salary.
  • Attach copies of your family’s passports.
  • Enclose statements of adoption along with adoption reasons, if any.
  • Attach copies of your education certificate, marriage certificate, and birth certificates of all children. The documents should be approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as your country’s embassy in Qatar.
  • Attach a copy of your electricity bill.
  • Submit the application to the Ministry of Labor’s Labor Department.

The following conditions apply:

  • Complete the application in Arabic.
  • List English names in specified boxes.
  • Obtain your ID first before applying for Family Visa.
  • If you are a GCC resident who wishes to bring a wife of a different nationality to Qatar, you must supply an additional no-objection letter from your country approving your marriage to a foreigner.
  • If you work for a government agency, the letter outlining your salary and position must be approved by the Ministry of Civil Service Affairs and Housing.
  • Bring all original documents when submitting the application for review.
Download Form

Additional Information

You can check the status of your Family Visa application online.

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