Indian Schools
Al-Khor International School (AKIS)
Al-Khor International School (AKIS) is a co-eductional & non-denominational institution in Qatar. It... Read More
Pearl school
The pearl school is a premium Indian educational institution in Qatar providing quality and value based education to the students.... Read More
Doha Modern Indian School (DMIS)
The Doha Modern Indian School also called as DMIS is a premium educational institution in Qatar. It was founded in the year 2005 and is the invention of Mr. Mohammed Taleb Al-Khauri, a renowned philan... Read More
Bhavan's Public School
Bhavan's Public School is a renowned educational institution in Qatar. It provides quality education as well as the intention of reinforcing the Indo-Arabic culture... Read More
Ideal Indian School, Doha Qatar
Ideal Indian School was established on May 20th, 1985 by 62 prominent members of the Indian community in Doha, Qatar. The school is a premier english medium educational institution affiliated with the... Read More
Birla Public School Doha, Qatar
Education is an initiation into the life of spirit, a training of the human soul in the pursuit of truth and practice of virtue. BPS Doha Qatar is the brainchild of two great visionaries in the fie... Read More
MES Indian School, Doha Qatar
That the present education system is hardly adequate to equip the students to face the challenges of a fast changing modern world is an undeniable fact. M.E.S Qatar was convinced that radical changes ... Read More
DPS - Modern Indian School, Doha Qatar
moral values, attitudes and habits which help in the creation of a new social order based on human dignity, equal opportunity and social and economic justice. The School has very clear objectives - to... Read More