Culture of Japan

The Japanese culture has developed deeply above the millennia right from the prehistoric Jomon era of Japan to the present-day hybrid civilization... Read More

Global Indian Interaction School (GIIS). Tokyo

The Global Indian International school form part of the award winning global school network called the GIIS with an already proven track record in the edu... Read More

The Indian Jewelers association of Japan (IJAJ)

The Indian Jewellers association of Japan (IJAJ) is a non-profit organist ion.... Read More

The Arita porcelain park

The Arita porcelain park is a tiny theme park situated in the town of Arita, belonging to the Saga Prefecture of Japan. ... Read More


Joypolis is a renowned entertainment park situated in the Japanese capital city of Tokyo.... Read More

Aeon Narita Shopping Centre

Aeon Narita Shopping Centre is a big fashionable shopping center, which was opened to the public in the year 2000 at Narita city’s Wing Tsuchiya ar... Read More

The immigration method for the Spouses and Dependents in Japan

The foreign nationals who are married to a citizen of Japan or to a person who is a permananent resident in Japan are able to acquire a spouse visa, which... Read More

Driving in Japan

The foreign national who possess a valid international driving license permit, are allowed to drive in Japan up to a period of one year, after they enter ... Read More