Tokyo National Museum

The Tokyo National Museum is Japan’s largest and ancient museum. It gathers, and maintains a wide range of Asia’s artifacts and archeological items spotlighting on Japan.

The museum houses more than 110,000 items, which also covers the eighty seven National treasure assets of Japan and 610 vital Cultural property assets. The museum also performs research and arranges educational occasions pertaining to its compilations.

Some of the main attraction in the museum

Japanese Gallery (Honkan)

The Japanese Gallery offers an overall view of the Japanese art, having 24 display rooms on two storeys. It houses rare ceramics, weapons, statues, etc. Some of the peculiar artifacts you can find are a traditional Jomaon vessel dating back to the middle era, a first century Yayoi jar unearthed in Kughara area, a seventh century Bodhisattva statue belonging to the seventh century, a sixteenth century western style cuirass, Nanbando statue, etc.

Asian Gallery (Toyokan)

Some of the unique collections you can see in this gallery are a first embodiment of Buddha figurine belonging to the Gandhara period, a first & second century seated Buddhist statue, a second century maiterya statue seated on throne in western style belonging to the Gandhara period.

Some of the other distinctive collections, you can find are a 19th century published book on makeup and hairstyle, rare Jewellery items, etc.

Opening hours

The museum is opened on all days, except on Monday from 09:30 to 17:00, last admission is at 16.30.

Admission fees

For adults the entry fees is 600 yen and for students it is 400yen.


Tokyo National Museum
13 - 9 Ueno Park, Taito, Tokyo Prefecture 110-8712, Japan
+81 3-3822-1111

Accommodation near Tokyo National Museum

Hotel New Ueno
7-2-5 Ueno Taito-ku Tokyo, 110-0005

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