The Matsumoto Castle

The Matsumoto Castle because of is black exterior looks is also called as the ‘Crow Castle”. It is situated in Matsumoto city in the Nagano Prefecture and is considered as one of the foremost historic castled in Japan.

Unlike the majority of Japanese castles which is either built on the top of the hills or in the midst of a river, the Matsumoto Castle is constructed on a plain and is known as a flatland castle. The interlinking walls, gatehouses and moats form a perfect defence system for the castle.

The Matsumoto is one of the twelve castes that withstood the damages from climatic changes over the passé of time. Ever since the year 1868, the Meiji restoration carried out regular repair works on the castle.

Along with the well-known Himeji and the kumamto castle, its fame got further increased. The moats filled with water makes the Matsumoto Castle to stand unique form the other two castles.

Subsequent to the Meiji Restoration, the castle was scheduled to be destroyed, but a school principal lead native group protected the caste from demolition.

The castle also houses a gun museum called as the Teppo Gura with weapons collections like armor, guns etc.
Admission fees; For adults the entry fee is ¥600 adults, and for the kids it is ¥300.

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4-1 Marunouchi, Matsumoto, Japan



Matsumoto Hotel Kagetsu

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Japan 390-0874

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