The Indian Jewelers association of Japan (IJAJ)

The Indian Jewellers association of Japan (IJAJ) is a non-profit organist ion. Initially a group of Indian jewelers tried to form the association in 2008, but this group was not responding to the grievance of a common jeweler as a result another group took the association in their hands. Initially it had some 31 members in association. Because of o the proper functioning of the association, the membership has got doubled up.

• The objectives and services of IIAJ are

• To establish a goodwill rapport among the Indian and Japanese jewelers.

• To augment the trade and bilateral relationship among the Indian and Japanese jewelers.

• To enhance the intra trade among the members of the association and to prevent unlawful activities against fair trade.

• To help the members when they are faced with financial difficulties and also give legal assistance when they are entangled in legal scams.

• To help the members in selling their goods by organizing exhibitions and help in greeting good rates in main fairs conducted across the country.

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