The Arita porcelain park

The Arita porcelain park is a tiny theme park situated in the town of Arita, belonging to the Saga Prefecture of Japan. The porcelain park is a conventional German recreational village located on Arita’s outskirts, on the highway that leads to the town of Hasami. Here you can find wonderful replicas of well-known buildings.

One of the most impressive facsimile is the imitation of the renowned “Zwnger”palace located nth the German’s Dresden city. Inside the citadel, you can see a striking everlasting Japanese exhibiton (Arita Yaki) in one wing, and European exhibition in another division.

At the back of the palace you can also find beautiful garden laid out in Europen style. You can find a big conventional Kiln and also a variety of both conventional European and Japanese style items.

Opening Hours

The Arita porcelain park is opened to the public from 9am to 6pm.

Admission fees

No entrance fee is required.

How to get there

From JR Arita Station on Sasebo Line, it is just a ten minute taxi ride to the Arita porcelain park.


Arita-machi Nishimatsuura-gun Saga-ken
Ph.No: 0955-41-0030

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