The Indian Merchants Associations of Yokohama (IMAY)

The Indian Merchant Association of Yokohama was set up in the year 1921 with the sole objective of assist and encourages trade between India and Japan. For more than a century Indian companies had been doing business in Japan. In the premature days, they were mainly engaged in the silk trade. The Indian merchants owe a lot to the strong support given by the Japanese government in general and to the city of Yokohoma in particular. Because of the strong and unflinching support given by the Japanese, the Indian merchants have weathered against all odds. They have endured two world wars, the 1923 great Kanto earth quake and several other natural calamites and they are still continously flourishing in their business.

At present there are a total of 18 Indian companies based in Yokohoma carrying out a wide array of business activity ranging from textiles, apparels, automobiles, real-estate, food stuffs, automobiles, and electronics to Information and technology etc. As years go by, the trade between India and Japan continuous to flourish at a grater extent.
IMAY plays a vital role in encouraging friendship among India and Japan and gives an in-depth knowledge about the affluent Indian culture and the Japanese heritage.


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