Places To Visit
Wadi Hanifah
Wadi Hanifa is a valley (wadi) situated in central Saudi Arabia’s Nejd region. The valley extends to a length of about 75 miles (120km) from northern to southern direction travelling through Riyad... Read More
Salam Park
Salam Park is a popular place of attraction in Riyadh. It is an excellent place where you can inhale fresh air and admire the vibrant flowers.... Read More
Royal Saudi Air Force Museum (Saqr Al-Jazira Museum)
Royal Saudi Air Force Museum also called as Saqr Al-Jazira Museum is a renowned tourist spot in Riyadh.... Read More
Dumat Al-Jandal
The Dumat Al-Jandal is another popular tourist spot in Saudi Arabia. The name Dumat Al-Jandal exactly signifies as the “Dumah of the stone”as it is the region of Dummah, one among the 12 sons of... Read More
Madain Saleh
Madain Saleh is a pre-Islamic archaeological site situated in the Al -Ula inside Saudi Arabia’s Al Madinah region. ... Read More
Masmak citadel
Are you planning to visit Riyadh? Then make sure that you include Masmak citadel in your tour itinerary. It is a renowned tourist spot which you should not miss to see. Masmak citadel is a clay & mud ... Read More
King Abdul Aziz Historical Centre
The King Abdul Aziz Historical Centre is a renowned tourist destination in Riyadh. This well known tourist spot serves as a magnificent historical venue.... Read More
Bahrain Bridge Dammam
It is a twenty-five kilometers bridge which connects between Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. This bridge has 3 lanes in each direction. From the Saudi side, the bridge starts from Al-Aziziyah south to Khoba... Read More
Floating Mosque Jeddah
Floating Mosque in Jeddah is one of the most loved and visited sightseeing spots in the city of Jeddah. Jeddah is a classic mix of ancient with modern which is finely evident in its majestic architect... Read More
Al-Musmak Castle Riyadh
Is considered one of the important landmarks in the Kingdom and occupies a prominent place in the history of Riyadh in particular, as it represents the blessed march that led to the foundation and uni... Read More