Al-Musmak Castle Riyadh

Is considered one of the important landmarks in the Kingdom and occupies a prominent place in the history of Riyadh in particular, as it represents the blessed march that led to the foundation and unification of the Kingdom. The palace gate lies on the western side of the Palace. 

The gate is 3.6 meters high and 2.65 meters wide.  It is made of palm and tamarisk trunks with a thickness of 10 cm. This gate witnessed the fierce battle between King Abdul-Aziz and his opponents, and it is easy to see the bayonet, which was broken at the gate. 

The fort is made of mud bricks and clay and the roofs and walls are covered with palm tree leaves and wood. There are 4 watchtowers whose openings where used by soldiers to fire at the attackers. The palm gate at the entrance is about three and a half meters high and two and a half meters wide with a small opening called a Al Kokha which allows entry to and from the fort. In 1995 the fort was renovated and a museum, which exhibits weaponry and artefacts of former periods, was included.

Al-Bathaa Riyadh

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