Procedure to Transfer Visa 18 to 22

The following are the procedures for transferring visa 18 to 22.

Documents required

Wife’s original work permit green paper (Izen Amel)

Husband’s original work permit green paper (Izen Amel)

Copy of Wife’s company certificate ( Etimad Tawqia)

Original Civil ID of wife

Copy of Civil ID of Husband

Marriage certificate

Original passport of wife.

Wife’s photograph with blue colour background (4 Nos)

Minimum two copies of all the above mentioned documents

Visit the shoun located in Hawally. Two forms will be filled by the typist. The husband should put his signature on both the forms and the old sponsor require a signature with the stamp.

Then visit the Jawazat Salmiya. There the documents and the salary mentioned in the husband’s work permit will be checked. Salary should be a minimum of 250.00 KD. When everything gets fulfilled, the papers known as Lamana will be signed.

Simultaneously you will be asked to visit Room no: 5 located on the 2nd floor. There one set of all documents will be retained by them, while they will provide you with another set which you need to take it to Shoun.

Go back to shoun with all the provided set of papers, there your wife’s work permit will be cancelled and one set of paper will be returned back to you which will serves as a evidence of cancellation of the work permit 18, then you need to stamp that paper. Please bear in mind previously this paper was in pink colour now since the program and rules has been altered it is now the paper is in black and white colour.


Then you need to go the Jabriya located at the backside of the Mubark AL Kabeer Hospital for Tahmeen Sahi (insurance). Please note you need to have an amount of 41 KD as cash in your hand.

Then with the entire papers visit Jawazat, there you need to punch the original Civil ID of your wife. Then you need to pay an amount of 100 KD to the Sandooq (cashier). You will be provided with voucher and simultaneously your visa will be transferred to 22.

Call the Civil ID office to get the same civil ID renewed

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