Visa And Immigration
Procedure to Transfer Visa 18 to 22
The following are the procedures for transferring visa 18 to 22.... Read More
Procedure for Maid Visa in Kuwait (Khadim)
Following are the procedures meant for getting Maid Visa... Read More
How to change your civil id address for your bachelor accommodation?
As an expatriate once you have found an accommodation, you must get a civil identity card (civil id). Likewise, whenever you change your accommodation, you civil id must be changed accordingly.... Read More
How to Get A Police Clearance Certificate Kuwait
Police clearance certificate (PCC) is a certificate which declares that you don’t have any criminal records for the specified period mentioned in it.... Read More
Civil ID Information
Once an expatriate has obtained his residence then he must obtain a civil identity (ID) card (bitaqa-almadiniyah or bitaqa for short), no matter what type of residence he is on. Civil ID cards are is... Read More
Other Residence Visas
Besides work, dependent and domestic iqamas, expatriates may obtain other kinds of residence, such as a student residence, or a three month residence for medical treatment. ... Read More
Transferring to another sponsor
An expatriate can usually transfer his residence to a new sponsor provided his current sponsor is agreeable. For government employees, domestic servants and dependants, there are few restrictions on ... Read More
New Passports
If an expatriate's passport expires before his residence visa runs out then his iqama can be transferred to the new passport. ... Read More
New Born Baby
When a baby is born to expatriates in Kuwait, the parents must obtain a dependent's iqama for the child. There is no minimum salary requirement and the father of child born in Kuwait can sponsor his i... Read More
Dependent Visas
Once he has obtained his own residency, a male employee may sponsor his wife and children to live with him in Kuwait. Permission to sponsor wife and children is granted only to those who meet the min... Read More