Procedure for Maid Visa in Kuwait (Khadim)


For the paperwork & procedures you need to contact typing center

Maid should be below 45 years of age

The combined salary of husband & wife must be 500

Required Documents

At the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, you need to get attestation for all affidavits

Originals as well as copies of shoon paper, Civil ID, house contract, marriage affidavit required.

Passport copies of the maid as well as the sponsor

When informed KD3 stamp required for the application

Non –relationship affidavit issued by the Embassy


From Gulf insurance or warba –KD 14


Go to the agent in Hawally (address from the embassy) along with the insurance paper (original), maid’s passport & visa copies

At the ministry of Justice located in liberation towers, submit these documents to prepare the Arabic contract

At MOFA attest the contract

Procedures that need to be carried out in India

Despatch contract & visa to maid

Travel agent should be contacted

Medicals, PCC & insurance should be performed

Rs.400 is charged for Pravasi Bharathiya Insurance

Procedure that need to be carried out in Kuwait

KD 10 fro medical you need identify the location and the day

KD 5 per year for Insurance

Visa for 1 year it is KD200, for 2 years it is KD 210.

KD 2 for Civil ID.

Contact typing center

Visa renewal

Typing centre must be contacted for the paper work & procedures

Insurance KD 5 for each year

Residence: KD 10 for each year

KD 2 for Civil ID.

The following documents both original & copies required

Passport: both the Sponsor as well as the maid

Civil ID: both the Sponsor as well as the maid

Insurance receipt for maid

Shoon paper for the sponsor

Police clearance certificate

All passengers coming to Kuwait on Article 17, Article 18, Article 20 or Article 22 visas or commercial visit visas and bearing new residence permit with no stamping on the passport required to have this permit (4A visa duplicate ) re-authenticated and confirmed by the Kuwait Embassy at the nation of origin.

They must bear the original certificate provided by the local passport office at the home country (nation of origin), also confirmed by the Kuwait Embassy. Kuwait Embassy do not check visa except passenger display their PCC. Passengers must produce this original certificate on arrival at the Kuwaiti immigration or else on the same flight, they will be deported back.

Person below 18 years of age are excused, however the passport will not be stamped with Article visa 22, and it has to be confirmed by the Kuwait Embassy.

Transferring to another person

At the typing centre duly fill the application form

Documents required: Civil id copy of both old & new sponsor civil id copy of the wife, new sponsor’s official documents. Embassy & Foreign Affairs do not attest any relationship affidavit

Papers must be submitted at jawazat. If the clerk comes to know that both the sponsor and maid belong to the same nation, then you will be asked to obtain signature from the mudir. Obtain signature, return the papers to the same counter and on it get the date stamp.

The papers should be taken to the office situated in the same building and create the insurance card.

Visit the adjacent office where prevailing residence will get cancelled and the civil id of the maid will be punched

Obtain a token and visit any of the counters located in jawazat. They will inform you to pay for two years an amount of KD 2. Visit the cashier, pay and collect the receipt.

With the receipt, go back to the same counter and they will place the new residence on the passport. You must have 10KD for the stamp.

If 6 months prior to the transfer the maid has travelled, then medical has to be done by her.

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