New Passports

If an expatriate's passport expires before his residence visa runs out then his iqama can be transferred to the new passport.

When an expatriate applies to his Embassy for a new passport, his old passport will probably be cancelled. He should make sure that the pages containing his residence visa are not stamped 'cancelled', otherwise he may find that he has to apply for a new residence rather than being allowed to transfer his residence from his old to his new passport.

Once he has obtained his new passport, an expatriate should take it along with the old passport to the jawazaat in Shuwaikh, where a typed application is presented. The required supporting documents are:
  • copies of all documents used to obtain the original residence
  • letter from sponsor
  • old passport
Four photographs are also required. Provided everything is in order the iqama may be stamped in the new passport there and then. Where the validity of his passport has been extended and his residence is still valid the expatriate need do nothing.

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