How to change your civil id address for your bachelor accommodation?

As an expatriate once you have found an accommodation, you must get a civil identity card (civil id). Likewise, whenever you change your accommodation, you civil id must be changed accordingly.

The following are the documents you require for civil id address change

Address changing form which you can procure from the civil id office.

Brown envelope for the civil id change applicaton (you can get the special envelopes from the “Express- Envelope” devices found in Coop supermarkets for 250 fils) Make sure that your blood group in the mentioned in the application or else you need to furnish required particular of your blood group, sign & seal from the corresponding MOH clinic.

Copy of a rent contract from your house owner, and the buliding’s PACI number.

A photocopy of your civil id

Your passport’s photo copy (last page photocopy also required)

Photocopy of the Iqama that is stamped on the passport.

Your Photo 2 Nos. Ensure that it is of 4cm x 6cm dimension with clear blue background with no flaws.

Please note you need to provide particulars of your flat (block, street name, PACI no:, building no:, etc.) your home owner’s name, his civil id details as well his signature, etc.

With the above mentioned documents you need to visit the civil id office, upon verification of your PACI number you will be provided with a token. When your turn comes, all your documents will be verified, once satisfied, the concerned authorities will inform that you can know your application status through the computerized answering telephone system of PACI by calling 889988 and entering your existing civil id number. Once you know that your new civil id is ready you can visit the PACI office in person and collecting it from an electronic dispensing machine. You need to provide into the machine your old civil id and 2KD so as to get your new civil id with change of address.


The PACI office located in south of Surrah (6th ring road) at the backside of the Minsitry of electricity and water

Head of office: Mr. Adnan alhazzaa ext 72500

Working hours

8am to 1pm

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