How to Get A Police Clearance Certificate Kuwait


Police clearance certificate (PCC) is a certificate which declares that you don’t have any criminal records for the specified period mentioned in it.

This certificate is offered after performing a background check by the police by or by the government to specify that the applicants does not have any involvement or cleared from arrest, conviction and probable criminal proceedings. The PCC is provided depending on the unmistakably apparent police verification report in value of the passport that is owned by the applicant.

The Kuwaiti Government calls for all non Kuwaiti citizens, expatriates, who are applying for the Kuwaiti residency to offer a police clearance certificate from their native country. Individuals must have the required documents before they land in Kuwait.


Police records are accessible for individuals residing in Kuwait .The person should be physically present in Kuwait. He can be either bea citizen of Kuwait or a person having a legal residence visa for applying for the police clearance certificate. To get a police clearance certificate the applicant must apply in person and offer finger prints at the General Department for Criminal Investigation coming under the Ministry of Interior. Normally it takes 7 to 10 days for the police certificate to get processed.

Why do you need a police clearance certificate?

You need to have a police clearance certificate for job positions that need clearance, to convince your employer’s request.


Residents need to apply at Ministry of Interior, General Department for Criminal Investigation

Non residents must apply at the nearby Kuwaiti embassy. An alternate method is to offer power of attorney to a relative or to your ex-employer’s P.R.O (public relation officer) to present the application on your behalf with the ministry of interior in Kuwait.

At the time of application finger prints will be taken

What are document required for police clearance certificate?

The documents required for getting police clearance certificate in Kuwait are

For the residents

Request letter

Two photographs

Your finger print copy

Copy of resident visa (in case if you have)

Fee: No fees required

For non residents

You can return to Kuwait for applying for the police clearance certificate or send on your behalf a representative to apply for the police clearance certificate with the following required documents

Request letter

1 photograph (front view clear photograph)

Your finger print copy

Kuwait civil id number

Passport and 1 photocopy

Fees: 10 kuwait dinars

Where to apply?

For the police clearance certificate you need to visit in person to the Criminal Evidence Department situated in Dajeej area, Farwaniya adjacent to the General Department of Immigration. If you readily have the above mentioned documents you can also send a representative on your behalf.

Once the officer is satisfied after checking your documents he will provide you a receipt and ask you to come back within 7 or 10 days, at times, even earlier.

Once you have collected the police clearance certificate you must have the certificate endorsed by the Kuwait Foreign Ministry in Shuwaikh located adjacent to the KUNA (Kuwait News Agency) office or opposite to the Kuwait Sports Club.

You need to provide the certificates to the officials and a KD 5 revenue stamp. Within a few minutes your certificate will be attested and provided to you.

Address for applying police clearance certificate

Ministry of the Interior

General Department for Criminal Evidence

Department of Identification and Automated Search

Farwaniya-Dhajeej area

Airport Road 55, opposite the Kuwait Airways main building.

Phone: +965 2 434-6101. Fax: +965 2 434-5790.

Address for getting the police clearance certificate endorsed

Ministry of foreign affairs

Asimah Governorate \ Shweikh - Jahra Street, opposite to Platinum Gym and Keifan Central, near Kuwait News Agency (KUNA)

Phone/Mobile Number: 22425141

Fax Number: 22403139

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