Thailand Education System

In Thailand, the education system comprise of four levels, they are preschool education, primary education, secondary education and higher education ... Read More

GIIS, Bangkok

The Global Indian International School shortly known as GIIS is a well-known school located in the capital city of Thailand, Bangkok. ... Read More

The IIT Alumni association of Thailand

The IIT Alumni association of Thailand was created some two decades ago, with the intention to set up brand IIT in South East Asia and encouraging Indo- T... Read More

Pattaya Elephant village

The Pattaya Elephant village is a popular attraction among the tourists coming to Thailand. The place provides all particular about the Thai Elephant. ... Read More

Mike Shopping Mall, Pattaya

Mike Shopping Mall is multi-storey shopping store chain situated alongside the Pattaya beachfront in Thailand. The shopping centre is owned by Thailand’... Read More