The IIT Alumni association of Thailand

The IIT Alumni association of Thailand was created some two decades ago, with the intention to set up brand IIT in South East Asia and encouraging Indo- Thai collaboration in Education, Technology, management.

The association was formed by a few IITians residing in the city of Bangkok, to promote an affiliation amid the esteemed institution's former students and create an attachment with the Alma mater

Some of the main objective of the association:

To encourage communication amid the members of the Alumni and set up equally, advantageous relationships; amid the Indian Institute of Technology (institution) and the alumni.

To assist, maintain plans of the association in promoting, encouraging, and assisting study and learning in different branches of technology and engineering, arts and sciences and the skill of the institution, and progression of distribution and learning in various branches at the institution or in a different place


IIT Alumni Association of Thailand
c/o ITCC (India Thai Chamber of Commerce)
Attakarnprasit Soi 13 (Sathorn Soi 1),
Thungmahamek, Sathorn
Bangkok, Thailand 10120
Tel: +662 287 3001
Fax: +662 679 7220
Email: contactus {at}

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