Culture of Poland

Generally a Polish family comprise of individuals interlinked with each other by parenting, wedding ties, adoption or relation.... Read More

Indo Polish Friendship Association (IPFA)

Indo Polish Friendship Association shortly termed as IPFA is a nonprofit organization that assists the Indians coming to Poland. ... Read More

Warsaw Rising Museum

Warsaw Rising Museum or also called as Warsaw uprising museum is a prominent tourist attraction in Warsaw. It is situated in the Warsaw’s Wola district ... Read More

The Silesian Amusement Park

The Silesian Amusement Park is an amusement park situated permanently inside the Silesian Central Park in the hub of the Silesia’s Upper Silesian Metrop... Read More

Centrum Handlowe Targówek

Targówek Shopping Center is a shopping mall situated at ul. Głębockiej 15, adjacent to the Toruńska main road in the Targówek district of Warsaw. ... Read More

Documents required for Poland visa

The following are the documents required for an individual to get a Poland visa... Read More

How to obtain a driving license in Poland

Some of the requirements for Poland driving license application.... Read More