The Golden Gate, Gdansk

The Goldend Gate is a well-known tourist spot in Gdansk, the fourth biggest city in Poland.

The Gat was erected in the thirteenth century. Renowned Russian architect Abraham van den Blocke built the Golden Gate in Renaissance style.

On either side of the gate, you can find beautiful figurines, which represents the traits of the citizens. Iconic columns border the structure’s arches in the lower level, surmounted with higher level compound columns.

Due to the passage of time and natural factors, the Golden gate got damaged. Restoration work was carried out in the year 1878.

The western side of the Gate symbolizes Peace (Pax), Wealth (Fortuna), Freedom (Libertas) .From the eastern side it denotes Agreement (Concordia), Piety (Pietas), and Prudency (Prudentia).

During the Second World War, the Golden Gate was destroyed and it was again reconstructed I the year 1957.


Golden gate
Targ Węglowy 27, 80-001 Gdańsk Poland
58 309 10 33

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