The Requirements to apply for Yemen businesses visa application

A valid passport is essential to get Yemen Visa. Passports displaying Israeli visa or stamps are not permitted.

Requirements of passport

A duly signed valid passport with more than six months validity period to stay. At least one page should be left blank for visa stamping. Pages amended at the passport’s back are not appropriate for the visa stamps.

Yemen visa application form

Each applicant should properly fill and duly sign 2 visa application forms. Make sure you put your original signature in each application form. Likewise forms that are not properly filled will further delay your visa processing time.

Photo Requirements

Two latest, 2x2passport size color photos. Make sure your face is in front view with a plain or light background.

A letter of Invitation from your Yemen sponsor

You need to have a letter of invitation from the Yemen sponsor (either from the individual or host organization) which briefs the relationship with the applicant and his purpose of his visit to Yemen. In addtion to this the letter should briefly explain his place of stay, duration of stay and his contact particulars.

Business letter

A business letter from the employer which explains the applicant's employment and designation in the company. The business letter should also clearly state who will provide finance or salary for the applicant along with the required contact information.

Departure proof

A copy of the applicant's airline ticket or the flight itinerary copy, which is computer generated.

Medical proof

A sufficient proof from a recognized physician or hospital to confirm that the applicant is medically fit and is not affected with any kind of contagious diseases.

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