The Capital city of Yemen, Sana is a famous tourist destination with such as the Ghumdan Palace, and the Great Mosque of Sana. The city is declared as UNESCO world heritage site.

The Ghumdan Palace: It is also called by other names like Qasir Ghumdhan or Ghamdhan palace. It is situated to the west of Great Mosque of Sana’a and it forms part of the city’s UNESCO heritage site. The palace dates back to the pre-Islamic era that was built by the Sabeans, (the ancient south Arabic speaking people who lived in present day Yemen) in the misdealt of the 3rd century by the last great emperor Sabaean King Ilsharah Yahdub. The palace was constructed on a hilltop.

The palace seems to possess twenty storeys with the each floor measuring a height of 13m (43 ft) in height, possibly denoting the palace’s tower. Constructed on square layout, the palace’s four external spaces were made up of white, green, black, and red marbles. The Bilqis hall is present on the tower’s top floor. The four openings present in the hall offers a nearer sight of the moon that is worshiped by the ancient Yemen kings.

The Great Mosque of Sana’a: It is an antique mosque in the city of Sana’a. It is situated to the east of the Ghumdhan palace. The masque dates back to the 7th Century and was built with the materials got from the material of the early Ghumdahn palace, which was shattered by Caliph Uthman He feared the fort could serves as a absolute strong hold for uprising

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