Requirements of obtaining Umrah Visa

1- Season of granting Umrah visas starts from the beginning of the Month of Safar till mid Ramadan of every AH year, with the eligibility to stay for Six months.
2- Visas of Umrah are confined to those who have legal valid traveling documents to enter Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and depart to his home country or any other country and that it should be valid for at least Six months.

3- He should apply for Umrah visa via one of the licensed companies working in this field to facilitate and save his time.

4- If there are not companies in his country or there is Saudi Mission there, the following should be done:-

A–Applicants for Umrah are granted visas regardless of the above mentioned stipulations. If there is not Saudi Mission in that country he shall apply at the nearest country where there is a Saudi Diplomatic Mission

B-Each one must have a check or its cash equivalent amounting to US$ 300.

C- He should undertake in writing to contract with one of the licensed companies upon his arrival to the entry outlet as there are offices for some companies there as he will not finalize the entry procedures to enter the Saudi lands without obtaining this contract.

D – It is possible to review the offers of performing the Umrah rituals included in the new organization for Umrah and these are available with the licensed companies working in this field.


- The administration aims at coordination of whatever belongs to Saudi endowments abroad and those endowments in Saudi Arabia, particularly in the Holy Lands.
- It signs the contacts between the Ministry of Islamic Affairs and Endowments and the concerned parties ( the endowments affairs in other countries) for the sake of registration and control of the endowments which have no records.

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