Procedure for Maiden name change in the passport as well in the Kuwait Civil ID.

The following are the procedures for getting your maiden name changed in the passport and also your civil id.

1) Get a passport renewal form and all the relevant documents to support the reason for your maiden name change

2) Visit the counsellor in the Indian Embassy and get his endorsement signature in the maiden name change application form

3) Then you need to visit the counter for submitting the application form and fill all the required relevant forms they provide to you and pay the requested fees (KD 15) (Simultaneously if you need, you can change the address as well as your signature change can be done for which you need to request for another application form and fill all the relevant details)

4) You will be provided with a receipt at the counter and within 15 days you will be called to collect.

5) Go with your passport to the Embassy to receive form No: 17 that can be attested by the Indian Embassy for a fees of KD 6.500 and for the foreign affairs stamp for KD 5/- from Shuwaikh.

6) With your old and new passport & form 17 will all the required attestation visit the typing centre and receive the typed form which has to be submitted at the jawazzat once the main mudir has signed, they will provide a paper for the finger printing.

7) Once the finger printing report arrives, all the required documents should be submitted to the jawazzat.

8) Meet your company boss for getting his signature on the form which was typed together with the aitmartowkia copy.

9) Once the entire set is submitted at the jawazzat, you visa will be changed from the old to new passport (you must remind about the name change at every counter particularly where they type the visa stamp so as to avert any errors)

10) Prior to submission of entire set always bear in mind to take a copy of each paper which you are required to submit at the Civil ID department within the jawazzat and then surrender your old Civil ID.

11) Visit the civil ID office with all the copies of your passport as well as your civil Id and have it changed. On the phone, check the machine no: and obtain you new civil id.

12) The most significant point you need to keep in mind is to ascertain that your new civil id number is updated in the Kuwait computer systems, or if any official enter the old civil id number in the computer it will display your old name.

13) Once all the process is completed, you need to visit the Civil ID Dept, PACI on the first floor request for a name change certificate pay a fee of KD1. Keep in your possession, the valid name change certificate which you go from the PACI which can be used for any purpose if requried.

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