Methods that need to be adopted for a deceased in Kuwait

If the death ritual has to be carried out in Kuwait, then you need to get the approval letter from his immediate legal heir from his native country stating that the burial can be performed in Kuwait. The approval letter must be duly acknowledged by the respective official in the deceased’s home country. (For eg:.If the deceased happened to the an Indian, then the legal heir’s letter must be acknowledged by the VAO, the Notary Public ,etc.) together with the evidence of the legal heir’s relationship with the deceased like passport copy, Ration card, bank account, etc.

1. Visit the deceased’s local area police station in Kuwait to receive a complaint paper.

2. Visit the Mortuary that is located inside the criminal police station campus situated at Farwaniya Dajeej, and provide the deceased’s civil id copy together with the complaint paper. The death will be registered and you will be provided with a pink paper.

3. Visit the Indian Embassy located in Kuwait along with the following documents. Call extension 271 when you are inside the embassy and then visit the meeting room.

  • Pink paper (provided by the mortuary)
  • Deceased’s passport and civil id copies
  • Authorised person’s passport & civil id copies.
  • Form for the death registration which will be offered by the Typing section in the embassy.
As an assurance the embassy may request for you original passport. You can collect your passport once all the paper work has been finished.

4. Again visit the local police station to furnish one copy of the embassy’s death registration certificate. The death will be registered and you will be provided with a Thaila paper.

5. Visit the MoH (Ministry of Health) along with the following documents so as to receive the deceased’s medical certificate

  • Deceased’s passport and civil id copies
  • Embassy death certificate’s 2nd original copy.
  • MoH will provide the medical certificate in the Arabic language.
6. Visit the birth & death certificate registration office located in Maidan Hawally at the backside of the police station so as to receive the medical certificate that is attested by the MoH with the signature.

7. With the assistance of an certified translation agencies, get the Arabic medical certificate to be translated into the English language.

8. Then visit the MOFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) office that is situated in the Ministries building’s 2nd floor in Kuwait city adjacent to the Liberation Tower to have the medical certificate attested (no stamp fee). You can also perform this procedure at Shuwaikh adjacent to the city centre.

9. The again visit the embassy for submitting the death certificate with the Medical report together with the Death Registration form which was type at the Embassy’s typing centre.The Indian Embassy will offer you the final death certificate

10. Then visit Dajeej (Farwaniya) to intimate the concerned person that all the paper work has be finished and confirm the ritual’s date & time.

11. Then visit the graveyard for your prayer & the burial. Subsequent to the burial, you will be provided with a tiny grave information card.

12. Then visit the mortuary that is situated in Dajeej, Farwaniya and show all the documents. All the papers will be registered and the green coloured paper will be submitted.

13. Then submit one of the green colour papers at the local police station

14. Then send to the deceased‘s legal heir, the grave registration card, the original third registration certificate & death certificate issued by the Embassy. All these documents are considered as record.

Address of the Indian Embassy in Kuwait

: Diplomatic Enclave Arabian Gulf Street P.O. Box 1450 Safat-, 13015, Kuwait

Phone:+965 2253 0600

Hours: Open today · 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

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