Procedures for getting a dependent visa in Kuwait

Given below are the procedures for obtaining dependent visa for your wife (spouse).

Procedures that need to be carried out in Kuwait ( Phase One)

1.Indian Embassy

Go to the Indian Embassy and have the marriage affidavit get prepared. You need to take your original passport, your civil ID copy, passport copy of your spouse. At the Indian Embassy, you can type the marriage affidavit form and can get the marriage affidavit on the same day.

2.Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Go to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs ( located at Shuwaikh, City Center, Kaifan Telephone Exchange, KUNA,etc) and get the marriage affidavit attested by fixing a stamp of KD5. You will get the attested marriage affidavit in one hour.

3. Local Typing centre

Go to the local typing centre located in Mirqab for having your family visa application form typed.

4 Medical center

Go to the medical center that is mentioned in your civil id.for instance if you civil id belongs to Farwaniya, then you need to go the Farwaniya Jawazat to apply for the visa. The documents that you need to take are Application form (typed), your civil id copy, your passport copy, marriage affidavit (original), Work permit (you should not take the green paper, but the white paper in A4 size), passport copy of your spouse, a stamp of 3KD, you will receive the visa at the same counter.

5. By courier, despatch the original visa to your wife in India

Procedures that need to be carried out in India

1.Your wife in India must take her original passport to the RPO (Regional Passport Office) for PCC (Police Clearance Certificate.

2. After that your wife need to take medical check-up and endorsed by the Kuwait Embassy. For the medical check-up, she need to show her original visa .

3.You can book a one way ticket to Kuwait for your wife anticipating all the official procedures in India and you can email the e-ticket to your wife.

4.Once you wifein India get the PCC and medical report . she can take the Flight Ticket & Original visa to an agent.

5. The agent will despatch all the documents (Medical Report, PCC, Original Visa & Ticket), PCC is mandatory and it must have the Kuwait Embassy’s attestation.

6. Within a week all the above mentioned procedures can be finished.

7.Your wife can land in Kuwait on the specified date

Procedures that you need to carry out in Kuwait (Phase 2)

Medical test ( Blood test & X – Ray)

1.Within a week of your wife’s arrival in Kuwait, it is advisable you take your wife to the Medical centre mentioned in your civil id. The documents you need to take with you are your spouse’ original visa and original passport (and also copies, as well as your Civil ID copy, photographs (4 No:s)

2. At the medical centre itself you have the convenience of typing the application and it may cost about 1KD. Then you need to go the family counter meant for the family photo. You need to get a stamp of 10KD. Exhibit the relevant documents to the staff present there. With their camera, the staff will be taking an additional photo of your spouse.

3.Then you will be guided by the staff for taking blood test.

4. Once the blood test is taken, you must visit the X-Ray clinic that is situated at the Sabah Hospital region. If your wife (spouse) happens to be pregnant, then X-ray is not required.

5.Once you arrive at the X-Ray clinic. there is a separate counter meant for the Family visa. Display the documents and the person at the counter will provide you the Room No:, Lab No:, and one number will affixed on your spouse’s passport. Visit the room & lab mentioned by the person at the counter for taking the X-Ray, have the X-Ray done.

6.After a lapse of 7 days (one week) visit the X- Ray clinic there you will find 2 to 3 counters present outside. Display your spouse’s passport to the staff present at the counter. They will provide a yellow card.

7.Take the yellow card to the blood test centre located at the respective medical test centre mentioned in your civil id. They provide reports on Mondays & Wednesdays. Ensure that you reach the place early as only limited number of tokens are provided). For family visa report there are separate counters. ( Request the typing person where to obtain the Family visa report he will guide you). Display the yellow card and you will receive your report.

Insurance ( you need to go the respective Insurance office)

1.For instance for Salmiya, the insurance office is located adjacent to the Mubarak Hospital and for Khaitan it is opposite to that of Carmel School

2.Prior to paying the insurance you must be aware of you spouse’s civil id number spouse. To know that you can visit the PACI’s website go the link mentioned as "Civil ID No. related to MOI No", enter the nine digit visa number that is exhibited on your spouse’s visa , beneath the DOB (Date Of Birth) press the submit and you will get the civil id number. This procedure can also be performed by dialling 1889988.


1. For Go to the Insurance office in Khaitan opposite to that of Carmel School, ( For Salmiya & Hawally area – adjacent to the Mubarak Hospital & 4th ring road).

2.By paying KD44 you can simultaneously obtain the medical card. Document that you need to carry are copies of original visa, medical report, your civil id copy, photographs of your wife. When the person at the counter asks for your new Civi ID No:, you need to tellthe number you got from the PACI.

Finger print

Place: Farwaniya adjacent to the 6th ring road or you can visit sharq.

1. Visit the finger print office situated at Farwaniya. To save time, When you go for the medical test, you can have the application form typed well in advance or else you can type at the finger print centre itself.

2. The documents you need to carry are your typed application form, visa orginal as well as copy , medical report orginal as well as copy, insurance receipt original as well as copy, photographs of your wife, your civil id copy . Once verified, the lady present there will affix on number on your wife’s passport.

3. Once the finger printing is finished, after a lapse of three days, you can show your wife’s passport at the Finger print office and get the Good Conduct Certificate.

Residence stamping

1.Contact any typing centre and get the application typed.

2.Translate your PCC from English to Arabic. Attestation is not required.

3. Go to the Farwaniya Jazwazat. The documents that you need to carry are your application form (typed) original passport of as well as photographs of your wife, visa ( original as well as copy), Insurance receipt (original), medical & finger report (original), PCC ( original as well as translated copy) your civil id copy as well as your passport copy with the residence stamped page.

Blood Group test

Place: Farwaniya clinic adjacent to the Medical test center.

Contact any typing centre

1.You need to type the application form (envelope) typed for the civil id. For the blood group test, there is a separate form.

2. Go to the Farwaniya clinic, affix a stamp of 1 KD, and get he blood group test done. You need to carry the PACI envelope along with you.

Civil ID office

1. Go the Civi ID office with the below mentioned documents. Application form enveloepe (that also has the report for the blood test), original and copy of your spouse’ passport (along with the residence stamped page), Photographs of your wife, your civil id, your flat rent agreement (contract).

2. Get the token, visit the mentioned counter

3. Verify the PACI website, or call the PACI telephone number to know whether it is ready

4. When ready, get the civil id by displaying your spouse’s passport.

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