Attention Parents- Permission for students to stay outside Kuwait more than 6 months.

Attention Parents - Procedures for getting permission for students (your son or daughter) who wishes to stay outside Kuwait for more than 6 months.

The following are the procedures that are adopted for getting permission to stay outside of Kuwait for more than 6 months.

1. Obtain a letter from the education institution in which the student is studying. The letter must state the name of the student as well as the course studied by him.

2. The letter should be notarized by from the Home department of your state as well from Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), New Delhi.

3. The letter (attested by home Dept & MEA) should be brought to Kuwait.

4. This letter should be attested by the Indian Embassy in Kuwait for a fee of KD 3.250.

5. Then this letter must be endorsed by the MOFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) Kuwait for a fee of KD 5.

6. Once all the attestation is done, you need to have this letter translated into Arabic for a fee of KD 2.

7. Then visit the Jawazat located in your respective area get the typed application known as “Izne Gayab” ( five hundred fills)

8. Affix your civil ID, PP (parents) and the Civil ID copy & PP of student

9. Affix 2 passport size photographs of the students that are taken with blue background.

10. Request for the Izne Gayab” section and submit all the related documents. This segment is present in the Room No: 8 in Salmiya Jawazat .

11. You will be provided with a printout will all the different signatures & rubberstamps specifying that the permission is granted for the student to live out of Kuwait for a period of more than 6 months till his residence get expired. You can get the printout without any fees.

12. The photo of the student will be pasted in the paper specified in the No:11

13. Despatch the documents to the student which he or she can keep in their possession while travelling.

It will take time duration of about thirty minutes to carry out the procedures at the Salmiya Jawazat.

Total cost of the procedure will be around KD 33.750

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