Particulars and Procedures for applying for sponsorship transfer

This article explains the particulars and procedures on how to apply for sponsorship transfer.

Please note before applying for sponsorship transfer you need to be aware of the following rules for sponsorship transfer

Sponsor ship transfer rules

Services will not be transferred, if any of the subsequent rules prevails

1. If there is any traffic violation present against the employee

2. If there is any traffic violation present against the employer

3. If the employee has an expired passport

4. There is no endorsement for the sponsorship transfer to the new sponsor from the labor ministry.

5. The employee’s status is “runaway”

6. Availability of Insufficient funds for the services transfer

7. The employee has a legitimate final exit or exit re-entry

Sponsor rules (categorized) for sponsorship transfer

The sponsorship transfer of non domestic worker rule is applicable to only sponsor who less or only up to a maximum of 100 employees.

Sponsorship transfer can be performed by the following methods

a) From the individual sponsorship to the company or organization sponsorship

b) From the individual company or organization sponsorship to another individual or organization sponsorship.

Please note: The employee’s profession must be related to the employer’s activities


Visit the relevant authority (at the locations mentioned at the bottom of the article)

Fill the sponsorship transfer application form, (the service transfer application can be downloaded from the ministry of interior, KSA website ( The application must be properly filled by the present as well as the new employer

Fingerprint is mandatory

Furnish the required documents

If the expatriate has previously transferred services and has listed in his old passports, then those passports should also be surrendered.

You need to pay the stipulated fee subsequent to your application submission & approval.

Documents needed

1. A waiver letter from the present employer endorsed by the Chamber of Commerce and affixes the receipt of the Chamber (for institutions, organizations & persons).

2. The letter of waiver must be endorsed by the mayor as well as the police (if the sponsor happens to be an individual).

3. A letter of request from the new employer asking for release along with a computer chip that contains the number of employees he has at present.

4. A copy of legitimate CR or municipality’s licence together with the originals for matching with the new employer’s family book.

5. The new employer must sign an assurance form guaranteeing not to allow the employee work for another employer or organization.

6. The employee’s original passport and residence permit must be enclosed with the above mentioned documents.


Following are the service transfer fees

For the 1st time it costs 2000 SR

For the 2nd time it costs 4000 SR

For the 3rd time it costs 6000 SR.

Processing time

Once submitting the application along with the needed documents, the applicant shall wait for the worker or employee to confirm the service and receive the passport & residence permit.

Office localities & contact details


Flamengo Mall - Crossing of south ring road, Hamza Rd.; 011-4403451, 011-4771100, 4242

Sahara Mall - Crossing of King Abdulaziz, King Abdullah Rds.; 011-4520329, 011-4771100, 4004

Al-Sadhan Mall Al-Selaimanyya - North of Riyadh

Al-Sadhan Mall - Khurais Rd. east of Riyadh


Al-Tahliya Trading Center - Al-Tahliya Road; 012-2635001

Working Hours

Morning shift - from 09:00 a.m. - 12:00 a.m.

Evening shift - from 04:00 p.m. - 09:00 p.m.

Work Days

Morning shift - from Saturday - Wednesday.

Evening shift - full week

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