Places To Visit
Darangee Village
The Darangee Village is situated in the island of Namhae in the Gyeongsangnam-do southern province. ... Read More
Seongsan Sunrise Peak
The Seongsan Sunrise Peak is a magnificent volcanic crater formed by Hydro volcanic eruptions, some 5000 years back, on the Jeju isle.... Read More
Jindo Island
Jindo Island is South Korea’s third biggest isle. The Jindo Island also called as Jin Island along with several tiny islands creates the Jindo County.... Read More
National Museum of Korea
The National Museum of Korea is Korean art and history’s flagship museum. It is the cultural representation of Korea. The national museum was set up in the year 1945, and is dedicated to severa... Read More
Taejongdae is a park in Busan set in scenic natural environs. The place has wonderful cliff facing the beautiful sea. It is located on Yeongdo-gu islands at its southernmost tip. ... Read More
Busan Aquarium
The Busan Aquarium situated in Haeundae Beach,is the biggest aquarium in South Korea. You can find nearly 35,000 marine animals and 250 varieties of fishes in this aquarium.... Read More
Busan formally known as Busan Metropolitan City officially spelled as Pusan is the second biggest metropolis in South Korea, next to Seoul.... Read More