Taejongdae is a park in Busan set in scenic natural environs. The place has wonderful cliff facing the beautiful sea. It is located on Yeongdo-gu islands at its southernmost tip. You will find the place covered with evergreen trees and lots of amenities for the visitors. This tourist spot has a light house, Entertainment Park, a cruise ship terminal and an observatory. Taejongdae is chosen as the 23 Busan memorial together with the Oryukdo Island.

You can go for a long walk along the coast road admiring the panaromic view of the cliffs and the sea. You can drop in anyone of the souvenir shops and purchase some attractive items. You can also relax yourself at the delicious food joints serving yummy foods.

The place boasts of having a number of hot springs, sauna, and open air bath. You can relax your tired muscles by immersing yourself in these bathing spots.


Taejongdae Tourist Hotel
983-17 Dongsam-dong Yongdo-gu, Busan 606-080, South Korea

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