[Turin is well-known Italian city. It previously served as the capital for the kingdom of Sardinia. The city is known to the external world for possessing the much famed, the coveted shroud of Turin. The city is also famous for other tourists spots like the Royal palace, the Royal library, the Royal Armory, the Velantino castle, the museum of Oriental art, and the Puppet Museum, Museo Egizio.

The Turin Shroud or the Shroud of Turin

The Turin shroud is a linen cloth that holds the picture of a man, affected with physical trauma in manner akin to the crucifixion. The picture is often referred to as the image of Jesus Christ, his crucifixion, entombment. The Shroud’s source and its picture is a strong subject for dabate among the scientists, historians, theologians, and researchers. The catholic church nether refused or approved the shroud. However, in the year 1958, the Pope Pius XII endorsed the picture as the holy face of Jesus.

Museo Egizio

The Museo Egizio is a museum, which specializes in anthropology and archeology of Egypt. Next to Cairo, the museum ahs the credit of having the biggest Egyptian antiques collections.


Golden Palace - Turin
45.06746, 7.67746
Via Dell Arcivescovado 18, Turin, 10121 Italy 1800 102 3346

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