Ibb is a renowned city situated in Yemen. It is located on the ridge of a mountain enclosed by lush terrain and is called as the “Green city”. It is positioned approximately at a distance of nearly 117km (73 miles) in the north eastern direction of Mocha.

Ibb region is characterized by several mountains like Badan, Sumarah, Ammar,Dhafar, Bany Muslim. The place has a beautiful mosque which dates back to the period of the second caliph Omar Ibn Al-Khatab.

During the regime of Ottomans, the area thrived as a vital administrative center. One of the peculiar aspects you can see in this area is the beautiful villages laid out in architectural fashion. This is akin to the normal style of the hilly stone constructed villages. You can find houses comprising of four to five floors with frontage ornamented by marble enveloped spherical windows and friezes. The traditional city is the Governorate’s major tourist spot. It comprises of several archaeological and chronological tourist spots.

The ideal time to visit Ibb is during the rainy season. The entire place looks beautiful during the drizzling period. You will find a major portion of the area covered with attractive lush green Terrace farming.

Some of the activities you can carry out are simply strolling and admiring the pleasant landscape or sipping a hot coffee and tea at a wayside restuarents.

Accomodation at Ibb

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Ibb Governorate, Yemen
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