Kruger National Park

The Kruger National Park is the biggest gamed reserves in South Africa. It is spread over an area of 19,485 (7,523 sq.miles). It stretches from north to south upto a distance of 360 kms and from east to west upto a distance of 65 kms.

Flora and Fauna

The vegetation comprises of four regions

Thorn trees and Red Bush Willow veld, Knob –thorn and Marula veld, shrub Mopane veld, Red Bush willow and Mopane veld


There are nearly 517 bird species present in the Kruger, of these there are 253 resident species, of resident, 117 species of non-breeding migrants and 147 species of nomads.


All five big game animals - lion, African elephant, Cape buffalo, leopard, and rhinoceros are found at the Kruger National park. There are about 400 numbers of endangered African wild dogs. the other animal found at Kruger are Giraffe, Hippopotamus,Burchel zebra, spotted hyenas, Impala, waterbucks, Bush buck, common eland etc.


The Kruger national park houses ahs nearly 114 reptile species comprising of the black mamba and some 3000 crocodiles.

Fishes and Amphibians.

There are 50 varieties of fish and about 36 amphibian species.


There are some 21 rest camps and 15 designated private safari lodges inside the park.


Per Adult: ZAR 180.00

Per Child under 12: ZAR 90.00

Location Limpopo and Mpumalanga provinces, South Africa

Adjacent city Nelspruit, South Africa

To get there:

There are two way to reach the park – by air, or by road. You can take a flight from Johannesburg to Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport (KMIA), located at the southern part of the park. You can also rent a car at Polokwane and then drive to Pafuri; you will reach the northern potion of the park.

Reservations and Bookings:


Telephone Tel: (+27) 21 422 3111

Fax: (+27) 21 424 1036

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