Borobudur temple

Borobudur temple

The Borobudur temple is Mahayana Buddhist memorial built in the ninth century. It is located in Central Java province ’s Magelang regency of Indonesia. The temple consists of 6 square stage pinnacled by three spherical podiums and is ornamented with 504 Buddhist sculptures and 2,672 relief panels. At the hub of crown platform, the central dome is present and is enclosed by 72 Buddha sculptures seated within a pierced stupa.

Borobudur was constructed on top of a bedrock mount, at 869ft (265m) over sea level and it is over the ground of a dehydrated paleolake.

In the twentieth century, the existence of the lake has been a topic of discussion amid the archeologists W.O.J. Nieuwenkamp, a Dutch artist, and Buddhist& Hindu architecture researcher developed a theory in the year 1931 saying g that Kedu plain was a lake once upon time and originally Borobudur symbolized a floating flower hovering on a pond.

You can enjoy the beautiful sunrise at the Borobudur temple. The shrine is located amid lush green environs. It is a real wonder to see Mt Merapi on the eastern side and tiny mounds all everywhere. You can admire the traditional stone carvings found all over the temple. Because of its architectural and cultural significance, it has been declared as an UNESCO world heritage site. It is indeed an extraordinary shrine in the world to be constructed in between the seventh and eighth centuries.

Opening Hours.

The temple is opened on Monday to Sunday, from 6.00 am to 5.30 pm.

Admission Ticket.

For International tourists it is, $ 15

For local visitors it is IDR 20.000 from Monday to Friday and IDR 23.000 for , Weekend & Holidays.


Borobudur temple
Magelang, Central Java, Indonesia.
Ph. +62 274 496402

Accomodation near Borobudur temple
Hotel Borobudur Jakarta
Jalan Lapangan Banteng Selatan, 10710, Indonesia
(0)21 380 5555

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