99 village

The 99 village is the initial amusement park in Kuwait. It is situated Slayil Al-Jahra in the Jahra Governate of Kuwait. A majority of the rides are meant for the kids in the age group of 4 to 15 years, thus making it an appropriate destination for children. You little ones is sure to have a great time at this renowned theme park.

What makes this park distinct from the other amusment parks are it is laid based on the theme of 99 superheros.

Some of the significant rides which your kids can enjoy are

Jabbar’s chariot riders

Your kids will be taken to the olden days of the roman empire when they play this ride.

Widad’s mini-boat voyage

Your littleones row and go in this beautiful boats down along the stream in a safe and secure manner.

99 Express:

Your kids can ride on the 99 Express and take tour of the park.

Some of the other noteworthy rides which your children can enjoy are Hadya’s roundabout, abbar’s rolling adventure, the 99 rolling gems, the afflicter, mumita’s challenge, Baqi’s everlasting moto-racing, etc



Slayil Al Jahra District

Street No. 625, Slayil, Block No. 3



+965 2457 4879


+965 2457 3056

Park Timings

Open everyday from

5 PM to 1 AM (GMT +3)

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