Viikinsaari Island

Viikinsaari is an isle situated in Pyhäjärvi Lake in Tempere city, Finland. The place is a well-known entertainament area and scenic resort, luring a number of visitors from all parts of the globe. During summer, from Laukontori harbour, there is boat service to the island. During winter the island can be accessed by skiing or walking.

There is a natural reserve on the western portion of the island. You can find playgrounds, a tiny chapel, swimming shores, and a café, a hearth for sausage frying, a dance exhibition area, and a footpath traversing through natural reserve. The Tampere Culture Affairs operates the island. You can try any of the entertainment activities. From the information office, you can hire fishing rods, rowing boats, tiny golf gears and other game equipments, like petanque, badminton, croquet, darts, volleyball, football, and board games.

With the trees, beautiful lush green lawns, beach, the place offer an ambient setting for picnic.


Viikinsaari Island
Tampere 33210, Finland
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